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3MinSB - Issue #52: El Final



March 4 · Issue #52 · View online

Thoughts on life and the everyday.

Hello world and welcome back!
So this is it.
I haven’t been entirely clear about my decision to put 3MinSB on pause, primarily because I wasn’t so sure myself. Having a newsletter written about my musings and life initialized a background program constantly running in my mind. The issues were meant to capture the day-to-day at a more granular level while tracking state, and in that regard, I find it a success. But the program continued to run even when I wanted it off for a few weeks, creating an overload while weighing down on my mental and physical self. I would have regretted not starting this and am fulfilled with the result. Ultimately, I’ve realized the components that have energized me which I plan to double down on while eliminating related burdens.
With that, I want to treat this final issue as a reflection post. There are certain takeaways that have become more apparent this past year that I’ll share below.
Round 52!

Discipline > Motivation
This newsletter began through motivation. I loved the content that I ran across and wanted to share it with everyone. If you are a loyalist and remember the first issue, I initially planned to create an online repository to store such findings. The motivation was strong for the first few weeks but quickly waned as work and life picked up. I received a remark early on that the content was random and there was no point writing this without credibility. Motivation bottomed out quite quickly.
Discipline is structured differently - discipline can and will waver, though can be built upon and developed. It doesn’t require moments of inspiration, but rather a solid baseline that is antifragile to the troughs. Rather than aim for sporadic high ceilings, aim for a slightly higher floor.
Conviction Reigns Supreme
The digital world is instant. The endless flow of new ideas, frameworks, beliefs, and companies has warped our sense of constancy and tradition. There are incredible merits to this shift, with near real-time propagation of information. But the new is unproven. It hasn’t stood the test of time nor has proof of truthful value.
Anything worth looking into has an abundance of information online, which makes it easy to have an opinion. But the difficulty comes with putting in the work of building an opinion from the ground up - realizing the facts and data and determining how it fits within your unique perspective. Conviction is personal and does stand the test of time.
The ability to continue this newsletter for a year was due to strong conviction in everything I sent. I can say with confidence that I loved the articles I shared and believed in what I wrote. Recently, I’ve lost some of the conviction in the end goal and intended audience. I held conviction in the reading and writing, not necessarily the weekly deliverable. Finding the truth for yourself and pursuing projects in line with that creates a long-term, sustainable game.
Front End ≠ Backend
I have gained considerable respect for builders out there, especially those putting work out in public. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but writing software gives a new perspective on the concrete work done to accomplish a larger task. Most products are viewed and judged in their own right, often without true consideration of the backend processes and work. For individual pursuits, there is an additional mental strain that can’t be distributed among a team.
The outcome is what gets measured. But an appreciation for the backend creates a more holistic picture of the deliverable.
It's Sometimes Nice Not to Give a F
I wish I had a visual depicting the spread of my work on this newsletter per week. Early on, I promised myself a draft each Sunday. Quarantine pushed some of that time into the early week. More recently, I’ve gotten used to significant editing and writing before the start of work on Thursdays. I’m going to spend the next week reading through each issue from the start. I’m curious and hopeful that I have been at least slightly more open as the weeks have gone on. I’ve felt less pressure to deliver a certain quality, but rather just write and share what I feel. This may not be the best for something going out to others, but it has been the best for me.
Systems Over Outcome
The biggest realization through writing this and the primary driver for ending it. The goal was misaligned with the process. Sending out a newsletter every Thursday was the initial outcome I promised myself, yet I did not embed proper systems within for truth growth. I often set draft goals throughout the week but didn’t commit to an effective system that would enable such an outcome. It’s not to say I could have done so, but a necessary lesson going forward.
Systems thinking is my greatest focus for the future - creating sustainable, effective, replicable systems that lie separate from the outcome, yet enable success. I wrote this in my New Year’s post and continue to see it as a must.
I think that’s all. I am going to continue documenting progress and writing, yet step away from the weekly deliverables. I will experiment with longer-form articles and technical guides on other platforms and will send out larger life updates here as I see fit.
This has been a wonderful personal experiment and I truly appreciate each of you reading. I hope that you gained even the slightest bit of insight into a new concept, exciting company, or just me.
Thank you all for reading! Until ne–
Maybe soon 😊
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