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3MinSB - Issue #46: Mere Exposure Effect



January 21 · Issue #46 · View online

Thoughts on life and the everyday.

Hello world and welcome back!
As difficult as this past year has been, it’s exposed certain truths in our society, democracy, and personal well-being. It’s made us aware of the pitfalls of government and the impact of the lack of shared focus. It forced certain self-realizations, including our mental capacity and ability to shift our focus internally and find happiness in the mundane. The virus tested the resilience of our systems in place, shedding light on the pieces that fell apart and others that stood tall.
2021 will follow a new path, unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. The systems that were so heavily engrained shifted during the pandemic, setting a new precedent for operations going forward. Strict procedures for life and work have been redefined, and especially in a work environment, the work-from-anywhere trend is taking shape across industries.
I’ve written about certain biases in the past, but I ran across another that could have some dramatic effects on our post covid world - it’s called the Mere Exposure Effect. The premise of the bias is that the more that we interact with or see something, the more preferential treatment we give it. Evident in most everyday items (pets, friends, food), our ancestral instincts kick in and urge caution when facing something unfamiliar. The world will open up in the next few months, and the newly distributed workforce dynamic will likely have ripple effects on the interactions that matter most. The medium of communication and relationship building will differ whether employees stay remote or go into the office, creating breaking the neutralized equilibrium that was achieved when all workers went remote. Those workers that do go into the office will have a step up when it comes to building connections that change perspectives and create comfort, which very well could play a role in pay raises and promotions. I’ve found remote working to be both a breath of fresh air and a noticeable uptick in productivity. Especially as a developer, deep work and focused attention is determined by the individual rather than the sporadic ‘distraction-free’ times in the office. Regardless of the type of work, the bias will come into play and create underlying tradeoffs when it comes to determining place of stay and work.
There’s no telling how exactly it will play out and whether the bias does become addressed and dealt with. But often, the biases that are the most difficult to spot wind up the most destructive.
Round 46!

Services I'm Interested In
I’ve long been interested in the social e-commerce space and believe that recommendations should be personal and come from trusted sources. Part of the reason I started this newsletter was to share articles, products, and business moves that have been interesting to me. A while back I ran across Your Stack, a beta app built around sharing products and tips on certain tools. The other day, I found GIST, which aims to solve a similar problem but more focused on the buying aspect. Traditional product reviews are still a thing of the past, especially for items that have multiple use cases. Recommendations and reviews by those you trust have proven to be most successful, and companies like these are seeking to build that into the discovery and buying process. While both still in Beta, I expect such spaces to become more prevalent, especially for retailers reducing their physical presence.
What I'm Watching
Catch Me If You Can. The movie itself is fascinating, and the implications on today’s digital world are harrowing. The web is a scary place, and while con men can no longer sweet talk their way into online fraud, insecure networks and a system built on trust create opportunities for social engineering/phishing attacks and malware. Hackers are the modern con men, and the effects can be much more severe and increasingly difficult to track. Encourage you to check out both links below as well as the movie.
Catch Me If You Can | Frank Abagnale | Talks at Google
Frank Abagnale on the death of the con artist and the rise of cybercrime
What I'm Eating
Stuffed chicken and garlic cauli mash
Stuffed chicken and garlic cauli mash
Salmon & pesto pasta
Salmon & pesto pasta
Sesame chicken
Sesame chicken
Shoutout to my wonderful co-chef Anisha ❤️
Thank you all for reading! Until next week.
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