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3MinSB - Issue #42: Time



December 10 · Issue #42 · View online

Thoughts on life and the everyday.

Hello world and welcome back!
Nearly every article or video I’ve linked in an issue has been a recommendation of some sort - for enjoyment, learning, or otherwise. My friend John passed along an article a few days back that I doubly recommend - it’s a short read (or listen) but captures a tradeoff innate to existence yet still rarely truly considered.
The core concept of the article revolves around ‘billionaires’. Of course, the thought of a billionaire usually includes the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on.
This is a natural method of thinking, and in one regard, each has amassed a monetary net worth of over a billion. But it begs the question - why is our culture so attached to the perceived value of money? What has happened to the other hugely meaningful metrics in life like time, happiness, flexibility?
The interview targets the time billionaire. In other words, me. The 20-something year old that doesn’t have stashes of wealth, yet an abundance of valuable, under-appreciated time:
One has financial resources and the other has life resources. Our society overvalues the former, but undervalues the latter.
In one of my very first issues I posted this article after getting to visit home for a holiday (before the world shut down). It forced a perspective on life that is broken down. It makes life a series of boxes and steps, each which must be accounted for, rather than pushed away for the next sunny day. It’s a retreat to the simplicity of marginal utility and subjective value. Realizing the true value of time in every regard - consistent money in a saving account growing over time, time to explore and experience, and the ability to simply live in the present with a true appreciation for what we do have and all that is to come.
With modern technology, the average human will likely live into their early 80s. A billion seconds is just over 31 years. The 20 year old has two billion seconds. The 50 year old has one billion seconds. Take a step back today and ask yourself — do I invest my capital based on the greatest resources that I have access to?
Check out the article here. It is short yet hopefully allows for at least some level of reflection. It did for me.
Round 42!

What I'm Reading
The Regulators Puzzle. This is an issue I’ve discussed a few times in the past, but one that has continued to adapt with a changing political landscape and set of guidelines. The immediate effects of AI and are prominent as recommendations and personalized ads have infiltrated all sorts of everyday applications. Yet the flip side of the coin - regulation - is still relatively nascent. As I’ve said before, building regulation requires a deep understanding of the framework or economics behind a business. Standard monopolies have, in the past, remained relatively easy to spot and appropriately regulate. Technology has flipped that business structure on its head through zero-cost copies of software/media and pace that can simply out-maneuver any ‘band-aid’ laws. Many of the algorithms used in most tech run through layers on layers of work - business strategy, customer feedback, technical feasibility, pure development, optimization, and finally some output. With some AI model or bot built in, complexity shoots up through additional layers of networks and processing.
Guidelines and regulation are driven by a deep understanding of the implications and technical details behind a certain application or product. Properly accounting for this requires both an awareness of the details as well as the ability to abstract away and realize the ‘types’ of delivery methods that exist. Only then can a fair (whatever that means) protocol be developed for maintaining standards. Of course, all without stifling growth and innovation
The regulator's puzzle — Benedict Evans
What I'm Listening To
I’ve never worked well with music, but just this week found a station that’s been perfect. It has a collection of ‘stations’, but even if you’ve got your own groove would highly highly recommend you check out the site design and feel. It’s a beautiful take on the classic FM radio station with similarly enjoyable tunes.
Poolside FM
Maybe It's Not Just the Music
Completely overturned the WFH setup.
Monitor (S/O parents)
Speaker (The greatest speaker gifted from my wonderful cousin Nikhil 😊)
Thank you all for Reading! Until next week.
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