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3MinSB - Issue #41



December 3 · Issue #41 · View online

Thoughts on life and the everyday.

Hello world and welcome back!
Post Turkey week was quite the busy one for Sach, so will be back with an intro next Thursday 🙂.
Round 41!

Show I Loved
I’m not much of a Netflix-binger due to my wandering attention, but over the holiday I found (and finished) a show that proved that wrong.
I wrote about about Quibi and the potential reasons for failure a few issues back, but much of its stifled growth stemmed from its lackluster content. Compared to competitors, it simply couldn’t find the sweet spot between customer needs and suitable shows.
Netflix, on the other hand, has time and time again proven its stature through its stunning original offerings. In this case, The Queen’s Gambit.
There is a strange allure to chess, and the show captures that mystique and beauty through just seven episodes.
The Queen’s Gambit | Official Trailer | Netflix
The Power of Data
Customer data is and will continue to cause contention among general users, but beyond the privacy and tracking data most are wary of, Spotify revealed the power and novelty that data can provide with its Year in Review beginning a few years back. Already building upon its discovery features, Year in Review continued on that trend through a yearly musical discovery audit of oneself. The 2020 Year in Reviews have just been launched, and yours will undoubtedly make you smile.
2020 Wrapped - Year in Review | Spotify
No Slacking
Salesforce bought Slack for a whopping 27.7 billion (you read that right) on Tuesday. I’ve been working with Salesforce for a few years now, and still have trouble giving a concise overview of the software capabilities. Salesforce can truly do anything and everything, making the acquisition just another expansion into an underdeveloped portion of the company. Salesforce is a perhaps lesser known software behemoth, yet equally mighty. The possibilities for integration are spread wide - internal communication for employees, a social component for Salesforce apps, and customer/partner tool for deliberation.
A quick look at Salesforce’s past acquisitions portray a strategic story: starting as a pure Customer Relationship Management tool, moving into cloud capabilities, building out data analytic and processing tools (MuleSoft, Tableau), and now expanding on the social, communication offerings (Quip, Slack).
Salesforce Confirms Deal to Buy Slack for $27.7 Billion
Thank you all for reading! Until next week.
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