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3MinSB - Issue #40: Design Issue #4



November 27 · Issue #40 · View online

Thoughts on life and the everyday.

Hello world and welcome back!
2nd Friday issue due to a Turkey invasion yesterday 😶.
Design and art have never been of particular interest to me, but with the rise of artificial bots learning on objective data sets, the prospect of machine generated creations is a subset that could reimagine art as we know it. The ability to learn on lesser considered data, construct models based on adaptive and modified algorithms, and display results in an artistic format is a newer application of AI. The concept is vague yet hints at the scope of applications machine learning can take on.
I found a TED Talk this week that quite literally paints the picture of the intangible through visual art forms. I’m not much of a TED watcher, but the video is driven by artistic visuals that capture pieces of data that often go unmeasured. The video is titled ‘Art in the Age of Machine Intelligence’, and tackles the creative side of humans and their environment. The speaker, Refik Anadol, bases his studies out of novel approaches to data sets and memories (image archives) to ultimately construct creative, pattern-based representations of the data. The results are ethereal and quite meditative.
Anadol sheds a new light on AI, exposing its ability to go beyond predictions, and instead focus on artistic pattern disposition. I can’t say that I entirely understand the scope of his work or the future outcomes, though the video forces a new perspective on what it means to be a machine and how to consider data. He argues that AI can be seen as a human that does not forget, capable of capturing all of history and dreaming about what could be as well as other interpretations of what was.
There is no coherent method of conceptualizing his process without checking out the art his team has generated and where else they’ve applied their tests. Most AI is capable of taking in inputs and processing some output, but Anadol has reconsidered the algorithms and parameters run on, transforming the output into a more visual, abstract display.
Highly encourage you to watch Anadol’s TED talk and explore his work on his site. Very distinct forms of art of thought.
Ted talk here.
Gallery of work here.
Round 40!

Design of the World
I’ve always found the patterns of Indian architecture and sculpting quite ornate and symmetric, yet the artistry exists in many other minor elements of life and work like transportation (Taxi/Rickshaw designs), home goods (rugs and dining sets), and even body art. A fun Instagram account capturing the art covering the ceiling of Taxis in Mumbai.
In Mumbai, Uber must compete with vibrant taxi roofs
Gameplay Design
I don’t game much outside of some Fifa, but recently picked up God of War as a Holiday distraction. The game is essentially designed as an elongated mythical movie, and the balance between story and action is wonderfully executed. I have no experience with gameplay design, but found an intriguing article on the baseline elements informing the design. It dissects the methods used to inform the user of the game’s key pillars, as well as provides a physical breakdown of the map layout and framing.
Level Design Case Study - Recreating the First Level in God of War
Art In Virtual Reality
Another instance of a more immersive experience through expansive virtual renditions of reality. In this case, virtual human paintings. First video gives an intro to the Tilt Brush while the next gives a better demonstration of its capabilities. What a world to get lost in.
Tilt Brush Artist in Residence
Bird Gamayun - Virtual reality painting (Tilt Brush)
Thank you all for reading! Until next week.
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