By Sachit Bhat

3MinSB - Issue #37



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November 5 · Issue #37 · View online

Thoughts on life and the everyday.

Hello world and welcome back!
I’ve taken time off this week and am hopefully eating fresh oysters somewhere in Maryland right about now. If you need a need a quick distraction, here.
Round 37!

*What I'm Reading - Highly Recommend*
A deep dive into Apple’s corporate structuring. I’ve become increasingly interested in the ways that large (and smaller) firms approach culture, management, and division, especially after joining a corporation with its own set of protocols. I’ve written about Airbnb, Netflix, and others in the past, but this is the first article I’ve seen that clearly articulates Apple’s operation as one functional unit led by specialists rather than general ‘people’ managers.
How Apple Is Organized for Innovation
What Could Change Airbnb's Approach
Jony Ive, the design brainchild behind products such as the iMac, iPod, and iPhone, is leaving for Airbnb. Airbnb is built around connecting travelers, yet the move indicates what could be a new wave of elevation and experience within the travel ecosystem.
Designing the Future of Airbnb
A Shift That's Been Noticed
Google rolled out the new Workspace icons a few weeks back, and the usability issues have been apparent. A new third-party tool has already been built to replace the changed look.
Restore the Google icons - Restore the old Gmail, Calendar and Meet icons | Product Hunt
Thank you all for reading! Until next week.
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