By Sachit Bhat

Thoughts on life and the everyday.

Thoughts on life and the everyday.

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3MinSB - Issue #52: El Final

This newsletter began through motivation. I loved the content that I ran across and wanted to share it with everyone. If you are a loyalist and remember the first issue, I initially planned to create an online repository to store such findings. The motivation…


3MinSB - Issue #51: De - Cen - Tral

Bitcoin recently hit a market cap of 1 trillion dollars. I had ignored the crypto bells for longer than I should have, but the emergence of a digital, immutable store of value is a necessary counterpart to our centralized banking system. There is one type of …


3MinSB - Issue #50: Final Design Issue

I'm still fuzzy on the general principles of solid digital design and usability, but continue to find appeal in the methods used to devise a design-centered strategy for building products. I thoroughly enjoyed this article, both in the way it depicts the role…


3MinSB - Issue #49: The Liquid Self

Considering how little I actively follow marketing initiatives and/or news, those that I do run across are all the more fascinating. Fast-food chains are known for their creative marketing campaigns, but the true genius behind their strategy is often regarded…


3MinSB - Issue #48: T-Shaped Diet 🍽️

The story of Instagram is a fun one. The app began as Burbn, a location-sharing app for 'check-ins' at various locations and events. Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger realized that the true value came from photo/video-sharing, where they doubled down an…


3MinSB - Issue #47: Stonks📈

I find pricing strategy and the product-market-pricing fit fascinating. You're likely already aware of fundamental strategies like surge pricing on ride-sharing platforms and freemium mobile apps, but the world of pricing has layers on layers of strategy and …


3MinSB - Issue #46: Mere Exposure Effect

I've long been interested in the social e-commerce space and believe that recommendations should be personal and come from trusted sources. Part of the reason I started this newsletter was to share articles, products, and business moves that have been interes…


3MinSB - Issue #45: Unbundling

If you've kept up with my newsletter to this point, you're familiar with Naval Ravikant. I've linked multiple podcast episodes and articles about his methods and areas of focus, and continually revisit some of his older work. I recently re-read his 'How to An…


3MinSB - Issue #44: ✌️ 2020

Spotify does a wonderful job making every listener feel like they are unique and cultured, but many of us can proudly admit that our music taste is simply not as exemplary as we deem. Here's a fun little experiment to give it to you bluntly.


3MinSB - Issue #43: Tobi Lütke

Naval Ravikant. I have posted interviews with and articles on Naval before, but most of his work and thoughts were dispersed across various mediums around the internet. The thought of philosophy was never something that occurred to me as truly useful nor help…


3MinSB - Issue #42: Time

The Regulators Puzzle. This is an issue I've discussed a few times in the past, but one that has continued to adapt with a changing political landscape and set of guidelines. The immediate effects of AI and are prominent as recommendations and personalized ad…


3MinSB - Issue #41

I'm not much of a Netflix-binger due to my wandering attention, but over the holiday I found (and finished) a show that proved that wrong.I wrote about about Quibi and the potential reasons for failure a few issues back, but much of its stifled growth stemmed…


3MinSB - Issue #40: Design Issue #4

I've always found the patterns of Indian architecture and sculpting quite ornate and symmetric, yet the artistry exists in many other minor elements of life and work like transportation (Taxi/Rickshaw designs), home goods (rugs and dining sets), and even body…


3MinSB - Issue #39: The Chip

I've written about survivorship bias before, especially in relation to startups, where massive successes narrow the view of what it takes to get there. When writing about the complexity convection last week, I was digging both into successful products as well…


3MinSB - Issue #38: Complexity Convection

The misuse of our favorite technology buzzwords - big data, machine learning, IOT - continue to plague companies and individuals as they are tossed around as solutions to an abundance of unrelated, unsupported problems. The result is general confusion regardi…


3MinSB - Issue #37

A deep dive into Apple's corporate structuring. I've become increasingly interested in the ways that large (and smaller) firms approach culture, management, and division, especially after joining a corporation with its own set of protocols. I've written about…


3MinSB - Issue #36: Targeting

Films written by Aaron Sorkin. I watched Moneyball this past weekend as well as The Social Network and Molly's Game in the few months prior. All differ greatly, but reading into the mind of the creator revealed similarities across broader storylines and thema…


3MinSB - Issue #35: Amazon

The Haunting of Bly Manor. I watched (and loved) the Haunting of Hill House a few years back and director Mike Flanagan came back with another iteration to the chilling series.


3MinSB - Issue #34: Stickiness!

VR/AR technologies are slowly finding their product market fit, but Mario Kart is taking a stab at what could be the 'tipping point' of a new wave of mixed reality gaming applications. The ability to make games personable and leverage the engine/core features…


3MinSB - Issue #33: Observer Effect

Google is changing their signature G Suite icons as part of a shift to the new Google Workspace. The shift comes with a new price plan as well as feature enhancements to the more core products, though the impact of the adaptations of the icons has been a heav…